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Suite Vesta Organic Latex Mattress 9 inch Profile

  • Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress. Adjustable comfort organic natural latex and organic cotton mattress.
  • Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress. Adjustable comfort organic natural latex and organic cotton mattress.
  • Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress. Adjustable comfort organic natural latex and organic cotton mattress.
  • Suite Sleep Organic Latex Mattress. Adjustable comfort organic natural latex and organic cotton mattress.
  • Suite Sleep Mattress Ticking Detail Image
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Suite Vesta Customizable Firmness Organic Latex MattressSuite Sleep Natural Latex Mattresses- Logo

3-Layer 9-inch Profile Natural Latex Mattress


Having a good night's sleep is so important for today's society. With the hustle and bustle of a busy daily life, sleep deprivation can cause negative effects to your health and well being. It causes unnecessary stress to your social life, as well as having negative effects on your job. That's why sleeping on a comfortable mattress such as a Suite Vesta can give you a good night's sleep without the restless nights of tossing and turning in bed.


The Suite Vesta offers a plush feeling from available 4-inch core layers. These core layers come in different firmness levels from soft (20-24 ILD), medium (29-33 ILD) and firm (34-39 ILD) based on your level of comfort. This special feature allows you to choose the firmness of the mattress to give you a comforting night's sleep. You can customize King and Queen size mattresses to your personal comfort level so that each layer is to your particular tastes. With this special feature, you'll have the mattress that you want and not one that you have to get used to eventually.


The Suite Vesta has a top 2-inch layer made from a single piece of soft latex. This offers you a cushioning along your entire body to relief the pressure and stress in muscles, as you experience less tossing and turning trying to find that comfortable spot on the bed. The Suite Vesta also has a 2-inch layer of firm latex located on the bottom of the mattress. This latex provides a solid backbone to the mattress that prevents sagging to give you a long-lasting product.


So don't spend another night waking up to an aching back and a crick in the neck from an uncomfortable mattress that costs you a good night's sleep. You shouldn't have to shrug your shoulders and deal with a mattress that's so hard it causes you pain or is too soft that it doesn't give you the right body support. With the Suite Vesta, you can have the sleep you want with the firmness level that's perfect for your particular body needs.

  • 4-inch core layers have different firmness levels from soft, medium and firm to provide the right comfort to your body
  • Customizable King and Queen mattresses so each side is suited to the sleeper's particular tastes
  • Single layer of 2-inch latex covers the top to offer pressure relief while giving you a cushioned padding
  • Bottom layer of 2-inch firm latex provides a solid foundation for the mattress that prevents sagging or a bumpy mattress during extended use.


The Suite Vesta Mattress is available in Natral Botanic or Certified Organic Latex


Suite Sleep Suite Vesta Mattress

9-inch total mattress height


The Suite Vesta mattress is named after the Roman Goddess Vesta. Goddess of household abundance and well-being, Vesta energizes the home with a welcoming energy for health, warmth, and comfort. We designed this European style sleep system with these qualities in mind using 3 separate layers of 100% pure natural latex. The bottom layer is 2 inches of FIRM latex topped with a 4 inch layer of latex in a firmness of your choosing and then a comfort layer of 2 inches of SOFT natural latex rubber. The entire sleep system is encased with a zippered, quilted cover made with 100% organic cotton jersey double knit fabric and 100% organic-wool batting from the California and Oregon coastal region. Free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and fire retardants, this mattress is a great choice for those who like a soft, plush mattress while offering excellent, customizable support.


Features and Benefits

  • Extremely durable, flexible, and resilient this mattress will conform to your body.
  • Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
  • Mold and dust-mite resistant.
  • Zippered Removable Cover
  • 5 lbs. per linear yard of wool batting
  • Organic wool made in the USA
  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex (organic latex available for additional charge)

20 year manufacturers warranty

Available Sizes:

  • Twin 38 x 75 inch
  • Twin XL 38 x 80 inch
  • Full 54 x 75 inch
  • Queen 60 x 80 inch
  • King (eastern) 76 x 80 inch
  • California King (western) 72 x 84 inch


Optional Foundation / Riser Information:

Suite Sleep Organic Foundation:


The Suite Sleep Foundation is a 7-inch profile upholstered wood slat foundation. The foundation is specially designed to be used with the latex or other solid core mattresses (such as a memory foam mattress). The Slat Foundation provides extra support for our heirloom quality heavier mattresses. Solid wood slats are fitted following traditional European design and covered in a heavy-duty organic cotton fabric. A Foundation is commonly called a Box Spring and some bed frames require a Foundation so the mattress gets the proper support and height.


Platform Base will replace both your box spring and bed frame in one solid steel piece.Available Platform / Riser Base:

Get a riser platform and replace both your bed frame and box spring. A platform riser is a great way to support your mattress and create tons of extra storage space under your bed. Click here to see the full product page.


Elevate your bed 14 inches high and create tons of useable storage space!

You won't believe how much space you can recover when you get rid of an antiquated box spring. The platform riser is available with an elegant microfiber cover that makes it look like a traditional box spring.


Platform Riser options:

Cover: Attractive flame resistant microfiber cover. Makes the platform riser look like a traditional frame and box-spring.

Suite Sleep Organic Certifications and Industry Memberships


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Organic FibersThe GOTS label defines how textiles made from organic fibers are processed using "high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain..." Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Suite Sleep uses only GOTS certified organic cotton textiles in all of our products.


OTCO is the largest GOTS approved certifier in the US and they certify the manufacturer/processor of organic fiber and textiles and finished productThe OTCO is the largest GOTS approved certifier in the US and they certify the manufacturer/processor of organic fiber and textiles and finished product. Suite Sleeps uses OTCO certified wool for the woolly bolas pillows, wool moisture pads, and the Vesta mattress. The Suite Sleep woolen mill is a OTCO certified processor of wool. For more information visit Oregon Tilth.


Green America is the largest and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businessesSuite Sleep is a proud member of Green America and has been for more than 6 years. Suite Sleep participated in the first Green Festival back in 2001. Green America is the largest and "most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country." Visit the Green Business Network to find more than 5,000 business that are Green America Approved.

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