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What Makes a Mattress Organic

What Makes a Mattress Organic?

Many mattress manufacturers and mattress sellers are quick to tout the benefits and advantages of natural mattresses and organic mattresses. There are many benefits to natural and organic mattresses but how do you really know what you're getting? 


Conventional mattresses are made with many harsh chemicals that are used to make them fire resistant, pesticides that help control bedbugs and dust mites as well as strong glues that contain volatile organic compounds and don't forget about the powerful industrial solvents that are used to clean everything up. 


Choosing an organic mattress from a small manufacturer is probably the best way to ensure that the mattress you're getting is as natural and organic as you believe it is. Unlike foods, there are no firm guidelines for labeling a mattress organic and many manufacturers have used this to their advantage.


There may be some national mattress manufacturers that completely mislabel non-organic mattresses as organic, just to charge you, the consumer, a premium. Most "organic mattresses" are made with some organic components, perhaps just the ticking is organic, but the padding and base layers are not. It's nearly impossible to determine what has gone into a mattress. 


Even within the mattress industry, there are few guidelines for mattress manufacturers who want to offer certified natural and fully organic mattresses. If mattress makers don’t know the rule of what makes a mattress organic, how can you feel confident in what you're buying if you cannot know what is in your mattress? How can you know that the place where you spend 1/3 of your life is not a contamination source for toxic chemicals leeching into your system?


Unfortunately this lack of regulation places a greater onus in the lap of the consumer. You must research your mattress and the company who makes it. You must do your best to understand what is going into each layer of your mattress and make your own evaluation about the potential harm and risk that it carries.


Until there is some kind regulation or at least an industry guideline that is publically available and which we can all follow, it is very difficult to believe the claims of some mattress makers.


Fortunately the Eco Mattress Store is here to help in your research. We sell many mattresses that are made with components that are certified organic. We work with some of the highest quality manufacturers who, like us, have a firm commitment to making the highest quality organic and all natural mattresses. We are here to help you learn just what it takes to make a mattress organic.