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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a foundation for my latex or memory foam mattress?


We highly recommend purchasing a proper foundation. Your memory foam or latex mattress needs to be on a firm base to maintain its integrity. Also not having your mattress on a firm flat base will void the warranty. If you do choose not to purchase a foundation from us you can place plywood on top of a traditional box spring to create a good solid surface.


How do I Checkout? How Do I redeem my coupon code?

Checking out is as easy as putting the item in your shopping cart and then telling us where to send it. Click here for detailed instructions.

What is the size of each mattresses?



Numbers are in inches.

Read more about mattress sizes here.


What is your warranty?


It depends on the mattress. Many of our mattresses carry a 10, 20 or 25 year warranty. Please review the product page for specific warranty details.


How long will it take to get my new bed?


Many of our mattresses ship within 24 - 96 hours of placing your order. Others take longer. Please call (224 676 0598) us and speak to a sleep specialist to get an exact estimate of lead-time.



What makes a mattress Eco or Green?

  • Shredded Latex – The frugal to rescue latex ends, shred them and reuse them in pillow cores.
  • Foam products – Most of our foam products are 30% soy which replaces petroleum products in the production process.
  • All Products – A percentage of everything they produce has a natural and organic component.
  • Recycled Materials– Our production facilites recycle as much of our packaging material as possible.


What If I am not satisfied with my mattress?


As confident as we are that you will love your mattress you do have options if you are dissatisfied with your mattress. If the mattress is covered by our 90-night sleep trial: you must sleep on the bed for 30 nights and send it back for replacement within 90 days. You must exchange the mattress for one that is the same size. 


Mattresses not covered by the 90-night trial may be eligible for exchange. Please call a sleep specialist to discuss your options. (224 676 0598). 


Is memory foam hot to sleep on?


That is a common concern people have with memory foam. Our eco memory foam is a unique open cell product that dissipates heat 9 times faster than other memory foam on the market.


What is temperature neutral memory foam?


Our memory foam is temperature neutral, meaning that it sleeps the same at any room temperature. Some memory foam products on the market will feel either more firm or more conforming, depending on the room temperature. Our unique design maintains its integrity at any room temperature and feels the same night after night.