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Gel Memory Foam Microcushions Classic Pillow by Sleep Innovations

  • Gel Memory Foam Microcushions Classic Pillow by Sleep Innovations|sleep innovations, memory foam, microcushions, classic pillows, pillows

Item Description

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Gel Memory Foam Microcushions Classic Pillow by Sleep Innovations

Experience the gentle support of memory foam in a pillow that is flexible enough to fluff and fold! Memory foam micro-cushions give you the shapeable comfort of a traditional pillow and the cradling support of memory foam to gently align your head and neck for pain-free, deep sleep. And because ití«í´s memory foam, this pillow always holds its shape and never goes flat, to give you long lasting comfort and support you can count on!

  • Soft, Shapeable Memory Foam MicroCushions provide custom support where you need it most
  • Supports the head, neck and shoulders for all-night comfort
  • Ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers

Available Sizes

  • King
  • Standard


To create Gel-Memory Foam, we infused gel beads into our premium memory foam, resulting in the perfect balance of comfort, support and an optimal sleep temperature. You experience the cradling support of memory foam with the added cooling comfort of the gel. Ití«í´s a revolutionary advance in sleep technology and provides a deeply restful sleep that relaxes, refreshes and rejuvenates.

How it works:

  • Micro-encapsulation technology infuses gel beads directly into our SureTemp premium memory foam
  • Gel beads work with your natural body temperature, providing the optimal balance of coolness for a restful nightí«í´s sleep
  • Gel Memory Foam delivers personalized support, conforming to your bodyí«í´s contours
  • Gel Memory Foam promotes better air circulation through the memory foam cells for superior breathability and every-season comfort


  • SureTemp Premium memory foam infused with gel beads
  • The support of memory foam í«í the proven comfort of gel
  • A perfectly balanced sleep experience í«í the right temperature, support and cushioning
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