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Firmness Explained

gauge-02w.jpgMattress Firmness Gauge Explained

We have created this unique firmness meter to help our customers see what mattress is right for them at a glance. However we wanted to clarifythat firmness is a bit subjective. Our graph isdesigned to compare one memory foam mattress to another memory foam mattress and a latex mattress to another latex mattress. A firm memory foam mattress may feel as soft as medium latex mattress.


Although a memory foam or latex mattress may feel plush or firm they all offer superior support for proper spinal alignment. Latex and memory foam also dramatically decrease pressure points and greatly diminish tossing and turning at night. Less tossing and turning means a more restful night of sleep.


mattress firmness gauge

As a general rule memory foam beds are more conforming than latex beds. Memory foam shapes itself more actively to your body and you will feel more like you are sleeping in the bed rather than on the bed with memory foam. Both products have superior antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. Both memory foam and latex are significantly more bed bug resistant than innerspring mattresses.