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NexGel OrthoGel Mattresses

A Gel mattress is a great investment in your health. OrthoGel relief-point technology can eliminate stress causingorthogel relief point honeycomb technology pressure points and provide you with a whole new level of comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation.


Ortho-Gel is made from hundreds of hollow columns of DuraGel™, a patented ultra-soft, ultra-strong, solid rubber-like material. These columns come together to form one of nature's strongest, most effective patterns: the honeycomb. Each column wall is shared by adjoining columns, which work together to give you the right support and pressure relief.


This honeycomb of OrthoGel columns provides thousands of Relief Points; each point is cleverly engineered to support a certain amount of weight. When the load gets too heavy the column simply gets out of the way; it relaxes to cradle that heavy spot, eliminating a potential pressure point. It won’t spring back until the weight goes away.

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