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Natura Latex Mattresses

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Natura Mattress is a watchword for unsurpassed mattress craftsmanship. Although they take time to produce, a Natura mattress is among the highest quality mattresses available on the market today. From the quilting detail, to the stitching quality, down to the unbelievable feel and restful restorative sleep, a Natura latex mattress is one of the finest investments you can make in your wellbeing and sleep environment.


Latex mattresses provide an excellent alternative to memory foam mattresses (which are made with oil-based petro-chemicals). Latex is a naturally harvested sustainable resource that is ultimately beneficial for the environment since the tree sap is harvested without the destruction of the tree. Natural plant latex is nearly all organic as these latex-producing tree grow deep in the rainforest and are not sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, the sap itself is produced by the tree as a defense mechanism and does not need to be treated for pests or bugs.


Shop our selection of organic and natural latex and rubber mattresses made by Natura Mattress.

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