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Latex Mattresses

Welcome to the Latex Mattress Store

Latex mattresses make use of natural latex foam as the core material for their support. This natural rubber source is processed into a uniform foam block that contains billions of tiny trapped air bubbles. The process by which it is made into foam block also makes the latex substrate resilient, naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


Latex mattresses provide an excellent alternative to memory foam mattresses (which are made with oil-based petro-chemicals). Latex is a naturally harvested sustainable resource that is ultimately beneficial for the environment since the tree sap is harvested without the destruction of the tree. Natural plant latex is nearly all organic as these latex-producing trees grow deep in the rainforest and are not sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, the sap itself is produced by the tree as a defense mechanism and does not need to be treated for pests or bugs. This defense mechanism in latex makes a latex mattress extremely resistant to bedbugs and dust mites.

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Twin TwinXL Full Queen King Cal King
Environmental Friendliness Memory Foam Latex Organic Cool Gel Adjustable
Value Medium Premium
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