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Harmony Organic by SleepTek

Sleep Tek produces some of the finest hand-made organic mattresses for the Sueno and Obasan collections and for various private companies.


With Organic certifications from highly respected industry monitors, SleepTek has taken their commitment to cleaner greener production to heart. 

SleepTek does not merely provide some of the finest organic mattresses, they have extended that philosophy to their entire corporate ethos. 


The new SleepTek manufacturing center in Canada reduces its environmental footprint.

Sleep-Tek has made the following commitments to the environment and to the quality of their process:

  • We recycle everything - our scrap fabric is shredded to make cushions
  • Our scrap rubber is shredded to make pillows and cushions
  • Nearly everything is filed electronically to minimize paper waste
  • Low VOC paint has been used throughout the SleepTek facility
  • White ceilings reduce energy needed for lighting
  • Energy efficient lights are used throughout the facility
  • All furnaces have been replaced with energy efficient ones
  • Programmable thermostats reduce energy consumption

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