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About NexGel OrthoGel

NexGel- The Cool Gel Mattress


The evidence mounts. Study after study confirming the importance of adequate, healthy sleep to bodily healing and restoration. In 1995 the introduction of the cushioning technology OrthoGel was immediately embraced by the medical community and utilized for the therapeutic treatment of critical care hospital patients. This innovative bedding technology helped burn victims, coma and geriatric patients and those who were bedridden sleep better and recover faster by addressing three critical issues: circulation, pain and temperature.


Improved Circulation


It’s basic physics. Where heavier parts of the body like hips, shoulders and thighs exert pressure on a mattress surface, that surface pushes back. These uncomfortable points of contact called ‘pressure-points’ impede proper circulation during sleep. Pressure-points create pain and cause tossing and turning for those of us who are otherwise healthy; for those with health issues the implications are more drastic.


Patented OrthoGel technology eliminates pressure-points and improves circulation by relaxing beneath areas of high pressure and evenly distributing weight to the surrounding mattress surface. Improved circulation also allows oxygen to be carried more efficiently to the brain and other vital organs and reduces the deposit of damaging plaque build-up. Patients sleeping on an OrthoGel mattress exhibited a reduction in circulation-related medical complications such as blood clots and bedsores.


Decreased Pain


Correct spinal alignment plays a critical role in the release of daily tension and stress. Often a traditional bed surface forces your spine into a straight line creating pressure-points at areas of high pressure, and causing your waist and lumbar to sag. This creates sleep-disturbing pain.


OrthoGel’s intuitive, dynamic response to your unique sleep posture supports natural spinal alignment. Pressure on hips, shoulders and other 'hot spots' is reduced while support to lower back is increased. When your body is relaxed and free of pain, deeper, more restorative sleep is easier to achieve.


Regulated Temperature


The temperature of a sleep environment affects heart rate, blood pressure and sleep comfort. Too warm and heart rate remains high instead of slowing during sleep. Too cool and sleep is disturbed by stirring and waking to ensure adequate circulation to extremities. Studies have shown that the temperature of a sleep environment also affects the quality and duration of REM sleep, the stage in which the body performs important repair and restoration work.


The hollow column system of OrthoGel allows internal air flow to maintain a temperature neutral sleep environment and maximize the body’s ability to achieve and sustain deep, nourishing sleep.


For more than a decade the clear health advantages promised by OrthoGel have made this technology a valued resource for the medical community. Now NexGel brings this technology home to preserve vitality, prevent health issues and nurture wellbeing. 

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