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Learn About Latex

Latex Foam Mattresses

Talalay? Dunlop? Natural? Organic?


Sleep centers expound the virtues of latex beds. Increasingly they are the new "IT" sleep item, surpassing memory foam in popularity and buzz. But how can we separate the hype from the fact?


Is this really Nirvana for joint pain sufferers? An insomniac’s salvation? Is a latex foam mattress the answer to your sleep problems or just another buzzword trying to grab your attention?


With so many different names, processes and varieties, it can be difficult to figure out what is real and what is hype. 


Natural vs. Synthetic, what’s the dif?


Natural latex foam comes from the Hevea Brasilinesis, or “rubber” tree, tapped and gently drained maple-syrup like. This makes the harvest is sustainable and does not harm the tree. Latex pillows, latex mattresses and latex bed toppers are created with this firm, yet supple "miracle" foam. It’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria.


Natural Latex, sustainable and organic, is harvested from trees deep in the jungles and rain forests. 


Synthetic latex is a man-made compound of styrene and butadiene. Increasingly people are choosing natural latex for healthier chemical-free environments and to get away from potentially harmful chemical side-effects. Like natural latex it’s used for a myriad of products, many in the sleep industry. It’s less expensive than natural latex and more commonly used.


While synthetic latex claims to harbor no allergenic properties, it’s less resilient than its natural counterpart.

Dunlop vs. Talalay (aka tradition vs. innovation)


Talalay and Dunlop refer to the process used to transform liquid latex to foam latex. The Dunlop process involves frothing the liquid latex, pouring it into a mold and baking it. This process produces latex with a firmer bottom (the latex particles sink during baking) and a lighter top.


The Talalay method begins the same, however, once the latex is molded, it’s sealed, vacuumed and flash frozen to stop the sinking and maintain a consistent cell structure. It has the same density throughout, and maintains resilience much longer.


Healthy sleep solutions: hypoallergenic meets body cushioning comfort.


Latex foam mattresses are loved above all for the health and comfort advantages they possess.

  • Latex mattresses are breathable.
  • Latex mattresses conform to your body shape, and reduce pain from pressure points
  • Natural latex is moisture resistant, making your bed a hostile environment to the increasingly common dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Organic latex mattresses contain no synthetic foam and are chemical-free, creating a healthier breathing environment for you to sleep in.


Ready for a new mattress? Considering a latex sleep system? Visit our Mattress Center for more information.


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